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Fantastic fun
Enthusiastic teachers

Large social gatherings may be cancelled but birthdays certainly aren't!

Perform At Home Parties are high-energy, fun and totally infectious. With a magical mix of songs, games and laughter, kids just can't resist joining in. Bring your child and their friends together online.

Using the same Zoom platform that we use for our successful Perform At Home weekly classes, we've worked hard to develop activities that children can really engage with over a video link, bringing our marvellous Perform magic direct to your home. We know all the tricks to make sure every child is engaged and energised at all times.   

So, whether your child wants to be a swashbuckling pirate, a shimmering mermaid or a dazzling superhero, they'll have a brilliant time. All you need to is choose a theme and invite your friends. We'll then send you a link to share with your guests so they can log on from home and join in the fun.

Our Party Leaders are hand-picked for their warmth, enthusiasm and fun-loving character. They'll give the children a lively, energetic and hilarious hour of songs, dances, games and comedy helping them reconnect with each other and making your child's day truly special.

Activities include:

  • Imaginative improvisations and story-telling
  • Fun and engaging games for everyone to join in with
  • Funky dance moves
  • Singing your favourite songs with a professional singer

Perform At Home Parties last one hour and cost £100. For more information or to check availability, please contact us.

Hannah was a fantastic host for my daughter's party. All the children were constantly engaged, happy and laughing. So grateful to Hannah for making such a success out of a virtual event.

– Mrs Arti Godkhindi

My daughter had a blast and feedback from all parents was so positive too. Amazing to bring magical memories for my 6 old daughter during these challenging times. Would highly recommend!

– Ms Dinta Rawson

Amazing. Mila and her friends had a blast. What energy Rhia has! The parents were all so impressed.

– Ms Nicky Glueck

Rachel had so much engergy and engaged with all the children, making them feel involved. It was a perfect alternative during lockdown.

– Mrs Jessica Sargent

A great party all round. Everyone had fun, especially the birthday girl. Thank you Hannah.

– Mrs Rachael Gartside

THANK YOU for a brilliant Zoom party. The children all loved it which was entirely down to Abby. Our birthday boy was completely delighted!

– Ms Emma Gibbs

Hannah was brilliant - she kept all the children entertained nnd Oliver said it was the best party ever. You can’t get better than that. Thankyou for making my son's birthday so much fun in unusual circumstances.

– Ms Clare Matson

Everyone commented on how great Natalie was and how much fun the kids had.

– Mrs Ekaterina Tulubenskiy

Aoife kept the children engaged, and entertained all of them. Her enthusiasm & humour were very welcome, and the kids loved everything about the party! Thank you for being an amazing support.

– Kathryn Jones

Rebekah was fab! She was so professional, contacting us before the party to talk through things and arriving in plenty of time. The children had a great time.

– Mrs Vandana Patel

Very professional, warm, enthusiastic and kept the kids entertained throughout which was a miracle! All the best to Katie.

– Mrs Aswini Pattni

James was lovely and the kids were listening to his every word. They were all bright red after all the fun and running around. I'm just sorry I forgot to offer him some cake!!

– Miss Stephanie Saunders

Craig was amazing! From chatting before the party, to fully engaging all the kids, it was top notch. Many of the parents came up to me and said how impressed with Craig they were also.

– Mrs Erin Kielczewski

India was fantastic! Her costumes and props were awesome and she did a fantastic job engaging the children in the imaginative play and games. We were delighted with her and had loads of positive feedback from the parents.

– Ms Yiskah Butcher

She was amazing with boys and parents too. All guest were really impressed from her performance with the boys. All boys were engaged with her and they enjoyed the party so much.

– Ms Alessandra Morgillo

James was amazing. He was so brilliant at engaging the children and he took all the stress and worry away from me. The children all loved the games and Toy Story journey. Oscar was completely delighted. It was "the best day ever", he said.

– Mrs Hannah Wolff

Alison was professional, friendly, organised and, most of all, super fun. We were all extremely impressed. Thank you so much for making it such a fun experience for Isla and her friends.

– Ms Nikki Lee

Katie was amazing! The children were engaged and entertained from start to finish. It was such a pleasure watching them enjoy themselves.

– Mrs Tea Mitsianis

Amy was brilliant, kind and professional! ALL children were engaged and having fun, even those that were reluctant to join in.

– Miss Stella Piermattei

India was great - she kept the girls engaged and did a brilliant job. Thanks!

– Mr Chris Derry

Thank you so much for such a wonderful time. We had so many lovely comments from parents of children’s that came to the party, and my daughter totally loved it.

– Miss Esther Watkins

I don't know how to articulate quite how phenomenal Hannah was today. She had 16 children captivated for 2 hours and even stayed in character while they were enjoying their party food. Just amazing!

– Mrs Rebecca Pashley-Robinson

Antionette was lovely, really warm and engaging. The kids had an amazing time, and she made Mason feel really special. Thanks so much!

– Miss Karen Snow

Laura was fantastic! The mix of the activities worked well and kept them all involved. Maiya loved it and her friends enjoyed it too.

– Ms Miriam Mccloskey

Antoinette was terrific. She engaged so well with the children. They all had a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious time!!

– Mrs Kathryn Mayne

Jensen was amazing! The children where totally entertained and delighted for 2 hours. Thankyou!

– Mrs Ruchi Madhok

All the children were really engaged and had a fantastic time. Thank you Laura!

– Mrs Claire Hodge

Jensen was able to keep the children entertained for so long and so well. It was great!

– Mr Shubham Singal

Rebekah was great! All of the children were entertained throughout. Thank you!

– Miss Binal Shah

Antoinette was really amazing. Etienne and all the children had a wonderful time! Thank you so much!

– Mrs Louise Gervais-Andre

Charlie and her friends really enjoyed her party. One child left saying it was the best party he’d ever been to! Craig was brilliant and tried really hard to make the party extra special.

– Mrs Jo Oldreive

Charlotte was brilliant. All kids loved her. Parents also enjoyed and some of them said, they would like to play as well

Many thanks

– Miss Kameliya Ivanova

She was a star! Really excellent. Everyone around asked about her and complimented her energies and professionalism with the kids and all.

– Mrs Jasmine Topor

Isaac and his friends were enthralled and transfixed right from the start. Laura was very engaging and her story telling captivating. Laura's acting and change of characters was excellent.

– Mrs Nicolette Meyer

James was fantastic! He kept the children engaged throughout and was really helpful with things like blowing up balloons and handing out cake. He made Amelia feel special and kept her elder sister on side too, all in all an absolute star.

– Mrs Charlotte Glossop

Absolutely tremendous party, Sophia and her friends thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Amy was warm, engaging and amazing fun. I couldn’t recommend Perform Parties enough and I can’t wait to use them again!

– Mrs Nicola Luciano

Katie was incredible. I loved the fact she came so prepared and was so friendly and easy to deal with. She kept the children captivated and engaged and they all loved her. Lots of the parents commented on how great she was.

– Mrs Claire Williams

Sarah was engaging and commanded a group of 25 mostly boys with great enthusiasm. She was focused and ensured that each child was given attention. It was a roaring success and my little one had the best party!

– Ms Fatima Sadeck

Charlotte was absolutely delightful. She kept the children engaged and completely entranced on their magical journey. Her creativity, energy and enthusiasm were contagious, she went the extra mile!

– Ms Tamara Clark

Antoinette was AMAZING! The best entertainer we’ve ever had and everyone said how fantastic she was. My twin boys loved the party and so did their friends. Thank you so much!

– Mrs Louise Howe

Lucinda was a fabulous party entertainer. Always hard to keep 20 five year olds entertained and she did a great job!

– Mrs Jessica Chu

Amy was simply amazing. I don’t know what magic one needs to captivate 20 five year olds for an hour but she’s got it. She really made the party and was worth every penny.

– Ms H Cleaton-Roberts

Antoinette was absolutely amazing. We had 14 super excited kids who haven’t seen each other all summer and she managed to get them all involved. They all took part and had so much fun playing knights. Thank you.

– Mrs Marketa Brennan

Maya and all her friends had a great time at the party. I heard positive feedback from other parents after the event. I would definitely recommend a Perform party and thank you for a fun filled party.

– Mrs Natalie Pardal

Olivia was fantastic. Really engaging, which is no mean feat for 30 six-year-olds. I have a very happy birthday girl. Thank you!

– Miss Natalie Robinson

Lizzie was brilliant - thank you for a wonderful party!

– Mrs Louise Robson

Really pleased with the whole experience. The children were engaged throughout and  I received many positive comments from the other parents.

– Ms Grisel Hall

Lucinda was absolutely brilliant and so engaging and so fun - the boys absolutely loved her and were enthralled the whole time. Just brilliant!

– Mrs Ridhima Durham

Robyn was fab. She arrived super-early and was lovely with the children. Plenty of energy and what an amazing singing voice she has!

– Ms Antonia Tarnoy

Hannah was absolutely fantastic! All the children had brilliant time - they were totally engaged throughout and it was lots of fun. I would thoroughly recommend Perform Parties.

– Ms Andrea Hall

Sedona was great, the children were fully engaged and captivated by her. Thank you Perform!

– Ms Lydia Hollas

All the children were engaged and loved pretending to be wizards. They all smiled, laughed and played throughout. The birthday girls were both very happy and, given how excited they were, I was so pleased the reality didn’t disappoint.

– Ms Stephanie Mansfield

I was super impressed with Claire - professional and kind! A perfect combination. Claire turned up promptly and was ready to start - the children took to her immediately and she made sure everyone was involved! Thank you

– Mrs Leanne Jones

Amy was amazing! She was beyond our expectations and the children loved her.

– Ms Faiza Baloul

Bethan was really great with the children, she kept everyone engaged and entertained. She was wonderful and the kids really loved the party! Thank you!

– Ms Karolina Wojciechowska

The birthday girls had a great time, Lauren engaged the children really well and they had a lot of fun.

– Dr Ondina Bernstein

We all had a really good time. The children loved the music & dancing & games. They were so excited. Thank you Andrina for giving us a great party!

– Ms Sarah O’Connor

All the parents commented on how passionate Antoinnette came across. She handled the children with great enthusiasm. Thank you!

– Ms Rene King

All the children enjoyed it. Thank you for making our day so special. Jessica had a fab time!

– Ms Karlie Richards

Hannah was fantastic! The children had a great time. Bella finds parties overwhelming at times but Hannah was brilliant at putting her at ease and smoothing over any mini meltdowns!

– Mrs Claire Magudia

Lelda was amazing and we are really pleased. Both boys enjo perform classes and we thought this would be the perfect entertainment.

– Mrs Noushin Karimi

The best entertainer we’ve had. Very professional and the kids were occupied for the whole time.

– Mrs Nahed Sarig

Olivia was warm and friendly and had great rapport with the children. She helped out at every stage and the children loved it.

– Miss Maderlin Bidmead

Excellent party! Full of energy and laughing and screaming of excitement from the kids. Lizzie is such a good party leader and brilliant Perform teacher. I can't praise Lizzie enough for her performance. 

– Mrs Bishan Wu

Very impressed with how she entertained the children and managed to keep the engaged. She was very professional and patient with the kids . She was also flexible to incorporate some of my game ideas. 

– Ms Layo Osoba

I loved how Amy interacted with the children, it felt fun, engaging and age appropriate. Eva had a blast!

– Mrs Laura Cant

Maria was brilliant with the kids- all of them were fully engaged and had lots of fun. The parents also said how impressed they were with the entertainment. Thank you!

– Dr Snehal Shah

We had Hannah for our eldest daughters party 2 years ago, so it was lovely when she returned for our youngest's party. The energy and engagement of all the children is just amazing, a wonderful party.

– Mrs Carly Esson

Lola had a fantastic time and Amy was brilliant- she really captivated the children and they all had a great time. Thank you

– Miss Teresa Palmer

We were super impressed with the way Rochine handled all the children and kept them both happy and engaged. My little boy and all his friends had an amazing time!

– Mrs Sanah Merai

Amy was absolutely fantastic. She did a cracking job and the kids were just entranced by her. The parents were all really impressed by how she kept the kids happy, and also really helped with getting them lined up for food/cake etc.

– Mrs Kate Carlin

Amy didn't disappoint. She engaged immediately with the children and kept them excited and engaged the entire time. Amy was fun and very professional and no one wanted the party to end.

– Mrs Stephanie Alderson-Behre

We really enjoyed Lauren, who's warm, and natural. She's really good with leading the kids and engaging them, across all ages. Thanks!

– Ms Ella Goldner

Amy was amazing Ayla loved everything - we will definitely recommend her

– Ms Sarah Lyske

Lelda was AMAZING! The kids loved her. She engaged well with every child. Well pleased. A lot of parents were very happy too and would highly recommend her.

– Miss Estelle Chijatrira

Aisha was fantastic, she had a large group of children and kept them engaged throughout. She was warm and friendly and had lots of energy. The girls had lots of fun, thanks so much!

– Mrs Elaine Thompson

Antoinette was absolutely amazing and Victoire was so happy and excited about her party. Thanks so much it was just perfect!

– Ms Anne-Sophie Petot-Perrin

Amy was great at engaging the birthday boy and other children straight away. I was really impressed with her preparation and appreciated the call in advance of the party. Many of the parents commented on how good she was.

– Mrs Nelle Dalton

Katherine did a great job of engaging the entire group, even the quieter ones, and they had a great time. She was fab, thanks.

– Mr Stephen Wilson

Rachel was brilliant. Amy had the best time, and we felt very lucky to have Rachel to do Amy's party. She engaged all children throughout, and had them all smiling and laughing together. Super impressed.

– Ms Helen Orchard

A big thank you to Laura who was a wonderful party leader. Evie and her friends had a fantastic time.

– Mr Tom Pearson

Lauren was fantastic, not only at entertaining the kids but was extremely warm, polite and did above and beyond to ensure the party ran smoothly. 

– Rebecca

Hannah was amazing, the kids were completely engaged for the entire time! She had a brilliant personality and appeared to be genuinely enjoying herself with the children. What a lovely party she made it!

– Clair Berry

Lelda was fantastic. She kept the children engaged for the whole hour and a half. They had an amazing time! Thank you so much Lelda. Because of you I had a stress free, chilled, time and the children had a blast!

– Cath Tinker

Andrew was fantastic and full of energy - he kept all the children active and engaged throughout the party. My daughter thought he was fantastic and enjoyed him as an entertainer! I’d highly recommend a Perform party!

– Mrs Sharmee Mavadia

Antoinette was an absolute star. We’re planning to do the same thing all over again next year!

– Mrs Lizzie Mcleod

Laura was absolutely fantastic! Extremely professional and Keira large group of young children enthralled for the whole time. I can’t thank you and her enough

– Mr Niran De Silva

Ashia was truly amazing!!! The children loved her and she kept them thoroughly entertained and engaged every minute!

– Mrs Valentina Fiorda

As Hugo went to sleep, he closed his eyes and asked if that superhero could come back for his party next year because she was so amazing!

– Mrs Jessica Cuatrecasas

I knew Antoinette would be fantastic from the moment she stared talking to my children. She was just so full of energy and easily able to control a room of children. Highly recommended!

– Mr Finlay Robertson

From the moment Rochine arrived she was amazing. She engaged with all the children and they all absolutely loved every minute of the party. Thank you for making it such a memorable party.

– Ms Amanda Richardson

Lelda was brilliant! She spotted the birthday girls straight away. She was very flexible, prepared to adjust timings if necessary. She did a fantastic job of engaging the majority of the kids for a whole hour. 

– Mrs Charmaine Stone

Fantastic party - the leaders were incredible, the kids were mesmerised and their parents so complimentary - thank you!

– Dr Claire Wright

I have been to countless children’s parties and so far this is the best. Everyone loved it including the parents. Well done. We will be doing it again next year for sure. Thank you very much!

– Mrs Vita Mina-Bruce

Rhia was an absolute star, she had all the children engaged and is very professional, approachable and lovely. Indi had a fab party and enjoyed it all. Big Thank you to Rhia.

– Mrs Helen Ariss

Lelda was an awesome. Thank you for sending such a fantastic leader. I would happily recommend her to others.

– Mrs Nicola Stone

An absolutely outstanding performer! She was helpful, kind, friendly and all the other parents were amazed at her ability to keep their children engaged, entertained and involved. She did an incredible job and Rose had a fantastic time.

– Ms Mandy Clark

Maria was excellent! She held the children's attention and the smiles on the faces of the kids in the photos afterwards are evidence of her talent! Your party leaders ignite the children's imagination.

– Ms Trishna Shah

Lizzie was warm, engaging and enthusiastic throughout and really good with the kids. She was also very helpful when we served the party food after the Perform session so thanks so much to her for giving Maeve a fantastic party.

– Mr Peter Norfolk

Lizzie went above and beyond to make it a wonderful birthday party. Her professionalism, skills, enthusiasm and sense of fun were exemplary.

– Ms Kim Mathiesen

Hannah was brilliant right from the start engaging with all the children. She kept their attention amazingly for the whole hour and I heard so many lovely comments from the other parents afterwards. A great hit!

– Mrs Sally Singer

Antoinette was absolutely amazing. A lovely lady and completely engaging with the very energetic 4&5 yr old party guests. She really blew us away. The party surpassed all of our expectations. THANK YOU!

– Mrs Feriel Eissa-Lynch

Charlotte is a fantastic party Leader. She engaged every single child. They all had such fun. Almost every parent commented about Charlottes way with children. One said she had them eating out of her hand!

– Ms Diane Smallridge

A great party ! Lelda was able to engage some less than keen 4 year olds very quickly and soon all the children were transported to the jungle. Thank you !

– Mrs Georgina Bean

Lelda really was fantastic, a lovely smiley person who literally smiled for the entire time she was there. No idea how she kept that level of excitement and energy up the entire time. The girls were utterly engaged and I was pretty amazed!

– Roshni De Alwis

Melissa was amazing and thoroughly engaged the children - great energy, wonderful creativity with the games! I love how the party leaders can engage the children and their imagination with relatively few props - true performers!

– Mrs Razia Ahamed

Sam was fantastic, he had the attention of 30 children straight away. Our daughter loved the party theme, she said it was her best party yet, and went to bed singing Sam's songs. Thank you Sam, and Perform.

– Sue-Anne Searle

Jake absolutely loved Holly as did his friends. She was hugely helpful to the adults also with getting things ready. She was absolutely lovely and we are so grateful to her and you for making Jake’s birthday so special.

– Ailsa Murdoch

Maria had the kids enthralled from the first moment. They had a great time and loved the activity.

– Sasha Qadri

Cristina was wonderful and my daughter and her friends loved the party. They were mesmerised by Cristina throughout. Highly recommend. 

– Ursula Stammers

Elsie had the best time at her party. Sarah was amazing, fun and warm and had the kids in the palm of her hand. Lots of parents commented on how good she was.

– Deborah Herring

Thank you! Natalie did a really good job and the children thoroughly enjoyed it! They could not believe that Princess Poppy from Trolls was at the party!! Natalie was very convincing!

– Ronni Van Straaten

Ashia was simply brilliant. All the kids loved her. She skillfully involved all the children and all the parents commented to me how amazing she was and how they all loved it. All the kids and permanent smiles on their faces. 

– Mehi Davies

Hannah was amazing! A single person who was able to achieve what she did was first class!!!! Name badges and certificates were a great idea! The kids loved them and allows better engagement with children.

– Emily Romp

Ashia was absolutely brilliant. She was warm and professional and really engaged the kids on their adventure, even the shy kids that parents didn’t think would be willing to join in. It was a wonderful party and Amina was so over the moon. 

– Selma Audi

Lauren was amazing. She really engaged with the kids and kept them stimulated. The kids loved the party. It's not easy to keep young children interested and happy but she managed it. I would happily recommend her to other parents.

– Balraj Briah

From the moment she arrived, Jess was confident, kind and immediately engaging with the birthday girl. She had the children’s attention from the very beginning. Thank you for making my little girl’s special day even more special!

– Adriana Assimakopoulos

Lauren was a superstar.... so good spirited and energetic and charismatic. We had some older kids, some tinies and she coped with 'a tough crowd' wonderfully. 

– Sarah Bailey

Holly was great! All the children responded to her instantly and many of the parents commented on the great job she did. She had lots of energy and really captivated the children with her games.

– Sophie Seeger

Antoinette was lovely. She came in well prepared and took on a big role with ease. I would not hesitate to recommend her. My 5-year-old and her gang of girls were enthralled! Thank you!

– Mrs A Sharma

Bethan was really outstanding! In all the parties I've been to I've never seen anyone so good at engaging with children. She made my daughter feel really special and she and all her friends thoroughly enjoyed the party.

– Giuseppe Verni

Amazing how Rochine kept ALL the children focussed for the full hour - impressive! Other parents were amazed to see their children joining in with everything. Superbly energetic too!

– Ms Jenny Collar

Antoinette was a dream. She handled the children brilliantly. She was instrumental in making my daughter's 1st proper school birthday party a massive success. She epitomises Perform's best attributes; the can-do attitude, friendliness & engagement.

– Mr Matt Zitron

Wow! What an amazing party! Laura created an exciting, imaginative and lively world, jumping in and out of character with the children in the palm of her hand. Amaia had a fantastic time and Laura made her feel so special.

– Ms Shelley Valdivia

Antoinette was completely brilliant at getting the reluctant children to join in. She knew exactly how to engage them. She was full of energy, fun and enthusiasm. Bravo!

– Miss Camilla Stoddart

Perfect 5th birthday party - the kids had a complete ball! Matthew was warm, friendly, professional and had the kids laughing from the moment they arrived. Thanks so much!

– Mrs Lisa Long

Ashia was amazing! The children were in awe of her and the way she captured everyone's attention! From the minute she walked into the hall to the time she finished, she had so much energy and motivation. An excellent performer. 

– Mrs Sunita Chotalia

Jen was amazing! She engaged even the shyest of children for the entire two hours, and helped with every aspect of the party so that I could relax and even enjoy myself.  Jen is a pro, and we were so pleased we chose Perform for our daughter's party!

– Mrs Anne Austin

Katherine did amazingly well keeping a group of 25 3 and 4 year olds fully engaged for an hour! She made the party so easy and stress free for the parents and the children loved it! Thank you!

– Mrs Alina Jardine Goad

Ashia was a fantastic entertainer. The kids loved her and were transfixed for the full hour

– Ms Ilka Dickens

Anthony was great - he has boundless energy and every minute of the hour was utilised to the full. The girls had an amazing time and their friends were still talking about the party at school today. Thank you

– Ms Clare Hawkins

Annie was brilliant with the kids, and I have comments from the mum's about how much the kids enjoyed the party. Eliza said it was the best party ever and she was sad the day was over!

– Mrs Louise Zorgji

Antoinette was superb! I received very good comments from other parents who were very positively surprised how all the children were involved in the "adventure". I would definitely recommend her. She is magic! 

– Ms Sara Caselunghe

Charlotte was absolutely outstanding today. We are so thrilled with how the party went. She created a huge amount of fun and energy and had complete control at all times. So, so pleased. Thank you Charlotte!

– Mrs Jo Jones

Hannah was very professional and brilliant with the kids. Thank you very much!

– Ms Leticia Barcena

Charlotte was a great performer and was able to hold the attention of the children throughout.

– Mrs Jo Flenley

Antoinette was amazing! She andd entertained 30 kids with great professionalism and enthusiasm. My daughter Gaia and her friends had an amazing tropical party. Many thanks!

– Dr Dominika Dabrowska

An utterly captivated audience from beginning to end. Warm, funny and engaging, Rhia thrilled her whole audience. This was a birthday party to remember which was due to Rhia's consummate professionalism, passion and enthusiasm. Thank you!

– Mrs Victoria Gayle

Katherine was wonderful! She engaged both girls and boys really well, especially considering it was quite a girly theme, and my daughter had the best time imaginable. Thank you very, very much for such a great experience.

– Mrs Renny Scorey Wyn

James was a fantastic party leader, he took the children on a dinosaur adventure they will never forget. James grabbed their attention right at the start and it didnt waver. Thank you so much for a fantastic Perfom party

– Mrs E Chandler

Rochine was amazing. She had a group of 20+ five year olds utterly captivated for the whole hour. Our daughter had the most amazing time. The best entertainer we have ever had.

– Mrs Rebecca Danner

So impressed. None of the parents could believe how Rebecca kept 30 kids not just occupied, but entranced. Brilliant, thank you.

– Mrs Emma Rundle

Abi as fantastic. So many mums asked me the name of your company and remarked on how engaged the children were. Abi was fabulous. We couldn't have asked for a better entertainer. Thank you.

– Ms Sam Jones

Rachel was fantastic - she made Anna's party very special. All the children were fully engaged and they all loved it! Thank you Rachel.

– Ms C Walford

Sarah was very quick to establish and instant rapport with kids. She kept them completely busy through the party. All the parents too thought she was fantastic.

I am very glad I chose a perform party.

– Mrs Simran Arora

Lots of our guests were commented on how good charlotte was. All the kids, even smaller ones, were engaged in her entertainment. Also she was very helpful in many way to run the party really well. We were very happy with her. 

– Ms Nobue Zimmern

Maria was absolutely fanatstic!

– Miss M Grossenberger

The feed back from the children was very positive, we thought Bethany was fab! She was very punctual and also really kind in offering her help at the end of the session. We would certainly book again for another party.

– Mrs Emma Turner

Thank you for making my daughter's party so special - all the children had a wonderful time and the overall reaction from the children was "amazing!"

– Mrs Kay Low

Hannah enraptured the guests immediately. They smiled and laughed, beginning to end and hung on to her every word. It took all the stress away from me. Hannah was brilliant, and I would use her again.

– Mrs Caroline Versallion

Antoinette was fabulous. My daughter had a blast and her friends are all still talking about it at school today. Thank you Forgetful Fairy for a fabulous Fairytale forest party.

– Ms Vjera Magdalenic-Moussavi

Laura was absolutely brilliant. All the children had a great time. There was lots of laughing and fun. Laura managed both the children and grown ups expertly. Amazing!!!

– Mr Ed Tomalin

Laura was super. All the children had a lot of fun from the beginning until the end. They enjoyed her lead and performance, they all had really great time. Thanks to her so much.

– Ms Hannah Vu

We are so glad that we chose Perform Parties as Gemma's enthusiasm made the party. So far it has been the best birthday party we have had!

– Mr Stephen Young

Lizzie was a great party leader. Children loved the games and singing. she was very helpful to us as well, helping us to set-up and generally very kind and organised. We really enjoyed it.

– Miss Marianne Grimshaw

From start to finish dealing with Perform was a pleasure.

– Ms Huma Nasir

Went really well, Abby engaged all the kids who really enjoyed it. Mums commented on how good she was. A big thanks from us!

– Mrs Claire Campbell

Laura was great and very engaging, the kids had lots of fun!! We have to do this again.

– Ms Rachel Boly

It was the second time we chose Perform and our 6 year old son's party was a great success. All the childten had a great time. Would recommend for a super, fun-packed party.

– Mrs Eleni Chalikia

We had Sarah for Luke's party last year too and we thought she was great! She helped keep the children entertained throughout. Another great Perform party!

– Dr A Maxwell-Scott

Rochine was amazing and my son said it was the best birthday party he has ever had! Thank you so much!

– Mrs Sarah Hudd

All the kids had an amazing time and Laurianne was great with them. Money well spent :)

– Mrs S Hobden

Laura was absolutely great for the entire two hours. All the children engaged with her, without exception. My daughter thought it was fantastic.

– Mrs Ceri Wyatt

Abigail was brilliant! The children were engaged and had so much fun, they really warmed to her. It was a busy party and she kept everybody entertained.

– Ms Sian Nelson

Her level of energy was amazing and the children really loved every minute. Rosanna has already asked me if she can have another Perform party next year!

– Mrs K Heffernan

Rochine was brilliant with the kids! They all had a brilliant time and can't stop talking about it!

– Mrs Krina Patel

Great time had by all! She really took control of the group and had them mesmerised for a full hour!

– Mrs S De Ramon-Laca

Jessica was brilliant with all the children, and my daughter was over the moon to have a "drama class" at her party!

– Miss Susan Green

Oliver and his friends loved the Puppy Patrol theme. Laura was bubbly, enthusiastic and had a great voice. It was lovely to see so many happy, smiling children (and parents). Thank you so much.

– Mrs Tracey Scott

Jason was absolutely amazing, he captivated the kids for the full 60 mins.

– Kate O'Donovan

Hannah was great, kept all the children concentrated on the games and everybody participated. She engaged with them from the moment she arrived. Great party! 

– Mrs Ana Perez

Sarah was fantastic and did a great job with a very large group of children of different ages ranging from 3 to 7. Thanks so much!!!

– Ms Connie Lo

Sammi was superb. Warm, fun, capable and very flexible. Thank you so much for sending her!!!

– Ms Anne Hayhoe

Beyond fabulous in every way - Rhia you are a star! Many many thanks! 

– Henrietta Verdon-Roe

Isobel was absolutely thrilled with her party. Rhia was able to engage and involve every single party guest. She was amazing!

– Mrs Claire Hoyle

We're obviously pretty impressed! She was absolutely outstanding, and several of the mothers are now planning a Perform party. Thank you all!

– Ms Jessica Stephens

From the moment the party started to when it finished, the children loved it. Rachel captured their imaginations, they listened, participated and didn't want it to end.

– Mrs Sarah Wickham

Abi was fantastic. A brilliant party entertainer but also incredibly helpful. Went above and beyond. Many thanks Abi - complete star!

– Mrs Simpson

Aled is an absolute super superhero. He's SO enthusiastic, genuine and just made the party so much fun.

– Laura Moxham

Devora was just brilliant! The kids loved her. She had so much energy and had so many fun games to keep them entertained. I would definitely book a Perform party again. Thank you!

– Mrs Amelia Lees

Robyn was a sensational hit with all of the children and the parents at the party.

– Anna Tonry

Perform is peace of mind, trouble free and guaranteed party success.

– Marina Olivati

Harriet has announced that today's party was better than her one last year at Disneyland Paris...!!!

– Joanna Bevan

Jen was excellent. All the kids were buzzing from the excitement, adventure and games with her for a long while after! 

– Annabelle

Olly was high energy and very funny which kept the children engaged throughout, he made the birthday girls feel extra special.  

– Sue Mcleod

Abi was wonderful!! So lovely, perfect with the children and just made the whole party experience - for both children and me - so easy. 

– Vicki Clark

Oliver was great, engaged the children straight away and kept their interest throughout. It is a real skill to entertain 20 rowdy 7-year-old boys.

– Zena Lingard

Miranda was terrific! Bright, engaging and energetic with the children and warm and flexible with the parents. A very talented entertainer!

– Ruth Sullivan

Daisy was incredibly engaging and held the children 's attention for the entire party. I couldn't fault her and was extremely pleased.

– M Smith

Hannah was amazing! She had a group of 25 5-year-olds entranced for the entire party. Thank you!

– A Hall

You don't have to check if the performer is good, you know it.
You don't need to wonder if the kids have fun, they just do.

– Marina Olivati

Alex was friendly and warm. She kept all 24 children engaged and happy for the entire party (which I have not seen any other entertainer achieve yet!).

– Alexandra Da Silva

Thank you very much Lisa Marie for a fabulous party - the girls were all still apparently talking about it in school today! 

– Lisa-Marie Mchugh

Sammi was amazing! With so much energy, engaging the children throughout. Absolutely the best party entertainer I have ever seen.

– Laura Zalcman

Wonderful beyond belief! Thank you

– Paula Vaccaro

Zelia was amazing. All the parents were asking me where I found her and everyone commented on how good she was. 

– Amanda

I don't remember a children's party before this one where all the children were engaged the whole time! Luke had a great time.

– Katie Fiszman

We were amazed how she kept them engaged for so long and it was such an unusual and exciting theme. They are still talking about it now. 

– Name supplied

The children loved Charlotte and she pitched it perfectly. The children's faces were so happy and animated... A joy to see!

– Anna Frangos

The children had an amazing time. Zelia was fun, professional, and kept their attention for the
full hour.

– Emma Walsh

She was particularly good with the shy children who normally sit on the sidelines. She managed to draw them out beautifully.

– Susan Nourse

After the meal, we saw several kids re-enacting in the garden some of the adventures Sasha had taken them on, so we could tell it
was a hit!

– Alice Darley

All of the children had a wonderful time. It was energetic, fun, entertaining and most of all, the talk of the playground this morning. Kate is awesome!

– Erin Niumata

Matt was full of energy. He held everyone' s attention and kept them enthralled the whole time. 

– Jill

Laura and Holly were both brilliant. They were energetic and enthusiastic and kept the children's attention for the whole two hours. Highly recommended!

– Sarah Andrews

Jill did a fantastic job at the party. She was professional, friendly and most importantly, incredibly engaging with the kids. I will recommend Perform. 

– Lara Livgard

Jess was fabulous. She engaged wonderfully with all 15 children, who she had in fits of laughter while also having their absolute focus - a rare skill! 

– Gemma Willis

Jason was fantastic. He single handedly managed and entertained 20 5-year-old boys for a whole hour - and they were enthralled from start to finish. 

– Johanna Brotherstone

I was very impressed how Georgia had a bunch of 27 children under her spell, they were very excited and had a wonderful time
with her! 

– Ela Law

Ceri did an amazing job, I was able to relax knowing she had everything under control! The kids laughed and sang their way through the full two hours.

– Kirsteen Marton

One hour was the perfect length - the children had a wonderful time. There was a lot of laughter and the birthday girls were made to feel very important. Thank you.

– Carla Gibson

Daisy is amazing - the party was everything Bella hoped it would be! We are very pleased with how it went, perfect!

– Kate